Every year in January, GBR hosts an International Prayer Camp and Retreat in Drakensburg, Alpine Heath Resort, which includes conferences, seminars and workshops covering all sectors of society International Speakers and Experts are invited to present on various issues affecting humanity in different nations. This Retreat addresses a diversity of topics covering the 7 Mountains of Society through a global panel of speakers throughout the week. It attracts delegates from around the world.


The Annual Global Prayer Camp and Thought Leader’s Summit presents and opportunity for all GBR members from around the world to network and discuss different opportunities that are available in their respective countries.

Sectors Covered

  1. Economy and Finance
  2. Entrepreneurship and SME Development
  3. Tourism, Agriculture and Food Processing
  4. Education and Intellectual Development
  5. Spiritual Development
  6. Trade and Investments
  7. Family and Society
  8. Science and Technology
  9. Sports Arts and Culture
  10. Media and Communications


Set in the picturesque Drakensburg, there is plenty opportunities to explore the many wonders of the area. As well participate in various activities such as hiking, quad-biking, zip lining, etc.

Annually, GBR hosts its global Prayer Camp and Retreat at the Alpine Heath Resort in the idyllic Drakensburg mountain range in Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa.

Camp at the beginning of every year has always been an important time on the GBR global calendar of events as it allows GBR and its members to commence the year in prayer and meditation. 

Seeking guidance and blessings from God for all its endeavours.  And to allow its members from across the world to come together in fellowship, prayer and to network. 

Last year, for the first time, Camp was combined with GBR’s Thought Leader’s Summit, giving rise to the GBR Prayer Camp & Thought Leader’s SummitThis year is even more important as GBR celebrates its 10th year anniversary and this being the 10th GBR Prayer Camp and Thought Leaders Summit, it is the opportune time to acknowledge all of God’s work in bringing about His vision and mandate, as carried by GBR.Each day commences at 04h00 with individual prayer and meditation

Followed at 05h00 with themed corporate prayer, wherein different societal sectors, according to the organisation’s various focus areas are brought before God in prayer.  Each of these sectors are then dealt with in more depth during sessions and plenaries throughout the day.The GBR Prayer Camp and Retreat aims to achieve the following objectives:The camp consists of various themes and plenaries

“Occupy until I come!” Words spoken by Jesus to his disciples in Luke 19:13 (NIV). An instruction to take up all places in society and establish God’s kingdom.


This is the mandate under which GBR operates.  To break down all evil and earthly strongholds and in their places, occupy and establish a God’s presence and dominion.  That is why, in its 10th year, having built the foundations upon which God’s mandate will be established, the Global Business Roundtable will begin to craft a strategy for the next 10 years and beyond, focusing on the following sectors;


    1. Intellectual Development 
    2. Business Opportunities 
    3. Professional Development 
    4. Emotional Intelligence
    5. Interpersonal Skills Development 
    6. Mentorship (Transfer of Skills and Knowledge, Business Coaching) 
    7. Financial Intelligence (Wealth Creation and Estate Planning) 
    8. Relationship Development (with God and with Fellow Man and the Principle of Loving your Neighbour as much as you Love Yourself) 
    9. Authentic Leadership Development 
    10. Corporate Governance and Ethics 
    11. Relationship Development (Family, Business, Professional and Ministry)


This years camp, under the sub-theme of “Occupying all the mountains or sectors of society till He comes – GBR and GFFJ beyond the foundation years” will not only focus on celebrating the past 10 years of the organisation; its wins, its loses and the lessons learnt but will take a look at what the future holds and how the organisation can use its presence and influence to shape every sector of society into a truer reflection of God and his heavenly kingdom.

Our Visionary Speakers
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Our Sessions & Plenary
Our Event Attendees

aha Alpine Heath Resort and Conference Centre

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Name: Resort Reception

Phone: +27 36 438 8511


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Name: Lesego Thathane

Phone: +27 82 210 3259


Snow Lake Hotel, Brighton, Australia

1Hd- 50, 010 Avenue, NY 90001

Tickets info

Name: Ronaldo König

Phone: 009-215-5595


Programme Details

Name: Ronaldo König

Phone: 009-215-5595


Alpine Heath is approximately 4hours away from Johannesburg. Registration at Alpine Heath will be between 1pm & 5pm, with the first item on our camp programme starting at 5:30pm. We request all drivers to drive during the daytime, to stop and rest if need be, to observe all speed limits and all rules of the roads so as to safeguard yourselves, the passengers and the vehicle being driven. Directions to Alpine Heath are attached to this email.

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I have met God fearing people, empowered to be the best in all I do. Being faithful to my God andunderstand more the purpose of my being.
Renalda Mlay
GBR Tanzania